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Occupational Therapy


At Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems, the O.T. Department provides evaluation and treatment of both inpatients and outpatients to assist them in regaining and/or compensating for the loss of skills.  The service is intended to promote independence in daily living activities, develop compensatory skills, and prevent further disability.  These activities of daily living (ADL’s) include such things as dressing, cooking, bathing, etc.

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400 W. 8th

Beloit, KS 67420


Phone: 785-738-9240


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A wide variety of patients are helped, including those with orthopedic, neurological, general medical/surgical, and psychiatric conditions.  This may include patients with brain injury, stroke, MS, upper extremity traumas and dysfunction.  Occupational Therapy is also responsible for the fabrication of hand splints for the protection of an injury and to enhance hand function.


People with vision, cognition, or physical disabilities problems may be helped by Occupational

Therapy to make changes to their environment so it is more functional, visible and safe.


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400 W. 8th Street
P.O. Box 399
Beloit, KS 67420
P: 785-738-2266
F: 785-738-9503