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Acute Nursing


The nursing department includes four separate units:

·   100 Wing

·   Emergency/Outpatient Department

·   Intensive Care Unit

·   Surgery


Staff includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse aides, and unit secretaries.  All registered nurses and some licensed practical nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. 

Contact Information


Jan Kemmerer, RN

Director of Nursing


400 W. 8th

P.O. Box 399

Beloit, KS 67420



Fax: 785-738-9503

E-mail: e-mail


Included in these four areas are the following services:

·   Med Surg (those rooms numbered as 100’s plus rooms 201-206) provides specialized care for post-surgical and orthopedic rehabilitation patients, and medical patients, cardiac/telemetry patients, and infectious patients.

·   Obstetrics/Nursery

·   Emergency/Outpatient Department

·   Intensive Care Unit

·   Surgery/Recovery Room

·   Swing Bed provides care for patients, who no longer need acute hospital services, but require specialized rehabilitative or restorative services for their complex medical problems.  The staff on the Med Surg wing cares for swing bed patients.

Nursing Staff


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400 W. 8th Street
P.O. Box 399
Beloit, KS 67420
P: 785-738-2266
F: 785-738-9503