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Solomon Valley Hospice


Solomon Valley Hospice offers a comprehensive program of care to patients and families facing a life threatening illness (not just cancer) with a prognosis of 6 months or less to live.  Hospice is primarily a concept of care, not a specific place of care. Hospice emphasizes palliative and comfort care than curative care, and the patient is no longer seeking aggressive treatment for their disease process.


Services Provided

·   Coordination of care in the patient’s home or a long term care facility

·   Unlimited Registered Nursing visits, 24/7

·   Social service visits and spiritual visits as needed

·   Durable medical equipment (beds, walkers, w/c, oxygen)

·   Caregiver education

·   Medication pertaining to pain or symptom control

·   Bereavement follow-up for 12 months after death occurs

·   PT, OT, and Dietary counseling, if required

·   Volunteer services

Contact Information


Paula Jones



111 E. Court

P.O. Box 399

Beloit, KS 67420



Fax: 785-738-3324






Monday thru Friday

8:00am – 4:30pm


Registered nurse on-call 24/7


Hospice care is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurance companies.  Hospice also receives monies from private donations, memorials, and thru our own fundraising.  No one is ever denied services because of an inability to pay.

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400 W. 8th Street
P.O. Box 399
Beloit, KS 67420
P: 785-738-2266
F: 785-738-9503