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Rehabilitation Services


The lives of medically or physically handicapped individuals can be dramatically improved with rehabilitation where multiple disciplines are applied in a coordinated treatment program.  Whether the disability is the result of trauma, a birth defect, a stroke, or surgery, appropriate rehabilitation methods are key to that person’s ability to function independently, to communicate and to recover.


A team of therapists assists patients in restoring their quality of life through strengthening and adapting activities of daily living.  The common goal of rehabilitative services is to improve the patient’s quality of life by promoting function and independence.


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Who Needs Rehabilitation?

·   Those who have undergone serious surgery, like amputation or knee replacement

·   Simple procedure like treatment of a fracture

·   Ordered for patients with nervous system disorders

·   Those with brain injuries resulting from trauma, illness or stroke

·   Those with mental impairments that accompany aging or disease

·   Those with motion injury such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome

Specialty Services

·   Wound care

·   Wheelchair evaluation

·   Treatment for dysphagia, lymphedema

·   Musculoskeletal problems


·   Orthopedic injury

·   Low vision therapy

·   Hand trauma

·   Dizziness/vestibular disorders


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