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Our Hospice Team

Your care will be provided by our team consisting of medical professionals, including nurses, home health aides, physicians, pastoral care staff, social workers and trained volunteers. Our staff has many years of Hospice Care experience. And, along with caring for patients, these individuals make home visits, provide respite for caregivers, and coordinate community services by listening and responding to the needs of the patient and family.

The patient's primary physician continues to oversee daily care whether the patient is at home, the home of a loved one or in a long-term care facility. Hospice also provides medical equipment such as a hospital bed, commode, and oxygen, along with supplies and prescribed medications for pain and symptom relief. It also covers outpatient treatments and short-term hospital care, which may be needed when symptoms cannot be managed at home.

Our team will tailor a plan to meet your needs that will always respect and honor your wishes.

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