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Paid Time Off Benefit Program

Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems strives to maintain the necessary staffing levels required to operate a quality healthcare organization while providing an environment compassionate to the needs of its employees. The Paid Time Off benefit program provides time off from work with more flexibility for MCHHS employees' needs. This allows employees to earn paid time off in reward for their service and in recognition of their wellness, while providing security against loss of wages due to a catastrophic event in their lives. Eligible employees will accrue benefits at predetermined rates for specific paid hours.

This program is the consolidation of vacation, holiday, sick time into one program having two components, Paid Personal Leave (PPL) and Catastrophic Leave Bank (CLB).

Paid Personal Leave (PPL)
Accrued for personal time off with pay which may include vacation time, holiday time, short-term illness or injury time, or other personal reasons. PPL is a vested plan that accrues each month and is earned in your pay check when requested.

Catastrophic Leave Bank (CLB)
Accumulated for time off with pay for the employee's extended illnesses, the terminal or life threatening illness of a parent, child or spouse. CLB is a non-vested plan that can be used to help protect an employee's income that may be lost due to extended leave from work.

After 30 days, newly hired employees will have access to 50% of their accrued PPL or CLB until they reach their 1 year anniversary, then they may access all of their accrued PPL or CLB.

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