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Sleep Lab

Commitment To Excellence
Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)for compliance with a comprehensive set of standards. ACHC is a third-party accreditation organization that has developed the highest national standards that providers are measured against in order to illustrate their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality healthcare products and services to consumers.

What Does It Mean For You?
Accreditation requires healthcare organizations to demonstrate compliance with specific quality and process standards. By choosing a healthcare provider that has achieved ACHC accreditation, you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive the highest quality of care. If you have any concerns about the product or service that you receive from Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems, you may contact ACHC directly at 855-937-2242.

Our sleep lab offers both overnight in-house sleep studies and home sleep studies. We partner with Rural Sleep Solutions to meet your sleep needs. Studies are scheduled promptly with results in 1-2 weeks upon completion of study.

Tests offered:
Split-Night Polysomnogram
Titration Study
Multiple Sleep Latency Test
Home Sleep Study

Contact the Respiratory Therapy department at 785-738-9525 for more information regarding the sleep lab.

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